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Admiral Broadway Revue

Early TV attempt at a variety show.Was broadcast on both NBC and Dumont.Sorry for the quality of the file,as well as the quality of the entertainment,both of which are piss poor.

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: movieman63 - - February 16, 2015
Subject: Admiral Broadway Review
Great Stuff. Where anyone got the idea that this was poor quality, picture or entertainment wise is totally beyond my comprehension. My guess is that someone is actually a fan of whatever it is they call "entertainment" today. There is a vast difference here. This is not only great in picture and sound, It is also great entertainment. Many thanks for sharing.
Reviewer: rinehart - - January 12, 2013
Subject: A small quibble
I disagree with the guy who uploaded this show--it really is quite good, and the main fault with it is that some of the sketches run too long. But this is the result of inexperience rather than lack of talent.
One small correction: it was not rerun three hours later for the west coast audience. The main east-to-west coaxial link wasn't completed until September of 1951, about eighteen months after this aired.
Reviewer: Dondj - - August 6, 2011
Subject: No Apologies Needed
It is so refreshing to see comedy and music presented this way. Very contrary to what to up-loader said, this is a treasure. The bit with that genius Sid Caesar about the samba player was beautiful. Comedians these days could take a lesson. Thanks you for this site and for saving these clips.
Reviewer: Noah 8-? - - March 11, 2011
Subject: It's all about ENTERTAINMENT, )*&%$@#
My goodness, whatta show. Sid Ceaser, Imogene Coca, & song-an'-dance.... no, really... Song an' dance.

The war is OVER. MOST of the occupation troops are home. Nightmares flashbacks fear an' trembling veterans of just unspeakable horrors holding back from openly weeping yet with vision blurred by tears

First it was called 'Shell Shock'.... then Battle Fatigue..... Now we call it "Post traumatic Stress Syndrome" Well, just try to forget it... Veterans are NOT going to simply forget. Veterans ARE going to try to think of something else for awhile.... A single half hour (maybe) at a time... a little longer the next time.... Invasion no longer refers to landing upon a hostile shore but to the intrusion of agonies into the sanctum sanctorum.

Television now arrives into the Home culture.
Escapism some call this new form of distraction. Unlike radio this new tele-vision thingy requires a LOT more of the attention. You can actually WATCH the footwork and choreography of these folks.

These participants before the camera are Distracting -
They are BLESSING.

This program did not preach. It did not condemn. It made no political influencing... It was hardly 'politically correct'! It was merely an attempt to entertain... (and sell tvs of course)

They are giving us one block at a time pleasant distraction..... One show at a time...... that we may heal... one hour at a time.

We thank them.... and again.... and bless 'em.

Reviewer: doowopbob - - July 2, 2010
Subject: ..Hello.
....Its A Kinescope Of A Live Show For Broadcast To The West Coast 3 Hrs Later..Thats Why The Q Sucks..No Ampex TV Tape Machines Yet..
Reviewer: mysticx0 - - May 15, 2010
Subject: Nice
This was a great show, i admit im biased because im such a big sid caesar fan but still it should be fun to watch for anyone. the amount of energy put in by these people and the amazingly short time span they had to put it together is staggering. im tired just watching it lol. sid definitely got better over the next few years but that is not a knock against this just saying he became so elite later. for example the mimicking languages thing definitely improved.
kind makes you sick when think about seinfeld and how little energy and effort was put into making that series compared to this and then to imagine the pay differences...
the wrestling skit was great too lol you can see the influence wrestlers like gorgeous george had back then.
i only wish there were more of these at IA :)

for the effort alone id give this a 5 star
Reviewer: antiquitylover - - July 28, 2009
Subject: Gower Champion and Sid Caesar
I also disagree with the disparaging comments about the quality of this show. Just two points for consideration:

Gower Champion, a featured performer on this video, was one of the most important and influential directors and choreographers in the history of Broadway musicals. His Tony-Award winning productions include "Bye Bye Birdie," and "Hello Dolly." I was delighted to see this early (1949) footage of Champion and his wife before he became a huge success in the 1960's.

I was also delighted to see one of Sid Caesar's pidgin foreign language comedic routines in its entirety--and performed to a samba rhythm. at that! I had heard about his unusual abilities in mimicking foreign languages, but had never before seen a complete routine.

In brief, the show was titled a "Broadway Revue" because many of the performances in the broadcast were done by some of the best performers in some of the best shows on Broadway in the late 1940's.
Reviewer: Seto-Kaiba_Is_Stupid - - February 12, 2009
Subject: Historically Interesting
I don't know why the uploader dismissed the program so harshly. This is exactly what I expected 1940's Television to be like, and I think that parts of it are still quite enteraining. This telecast is 60 years old, and for such an old program, I think it holds up better than some shows made many decades later.

True, this program doesn't compare well to television shows made a few years later, but I'd take it over ANY of the lame "reality" and "police drama" shows that NBC broadcasts today.
Reviewer: 167656 - - February 12, 2009
Subject: An amazing artifact!
I think this show is awesome and we are fortunate to have had it survive. The picture is a bit subpar but the audio is very clear, and if you view some of the earliest images of broadcast TV from the early 30's (a few surviving German and British clips from this period exist), those shows appear to be exactly like this one. A full TV variety hour from April of 1949!! This is both historic and extremely rare, and far more than "piss poor" entertainment!
Reviewer: Archive fan - - February 11, 2009
Subject: Historical pioneer program, warts and all
I did a little research. Apparently this episode was broadcast live on both NBC and Dumont on April 22, 1949. I think you have to be a little charitable with this show since it survives, lousy kinescope and all, from the primitive days of earliest network TV. The Admiral Broadway Revue is regarded as the first full-scale Broadway type musical show on TV, and brought Sid Caesar to television as well as Imogene Coca. It premiered several months earlier than this recording and was extremely popular, broadcasting live from a theater on Broadway. The show was so popular, in fact, that the Admiral Corporation cancelled their sponsorship after 18 weeks because they sold out their entire stock of TVs! Producer Max Liebman and crew retooled their concept, returning to NBC with the historical “Your Show of Shows.”
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